Music video

This is my Music video.


Storyline Mood Board

This mood board is for my story line, its to give an idea to the cast about what they are expected to do. This shows the mood and the idea of the story line and would help the cast to know how to perform to make it look genuine. The story line shows a disturbed relation, cheating, love, misunderstanding, depression and suicide.

The heading “Mood Board” is made with different logos that in my opinion would be some of the brands or companies my target audience would use.Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at  1.png

Synopsis for my story plan

There is this couple who is having a great nice life of theirs. Its not long into the relation that the boy cheats on the girl, but she is unaware of the boy getting with another girl called Jess. The boy later finds out the Jess had been cheating on him and he come back to his room feeling miserable, this is when he gets a message from the first girl saying that she is pregnant and now the boy is feeling really sad and bad as he made this girl pregnant and cheated on her. So done with al this the boy decided to run away from his problems.


Here is below the five act structure of my idea.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 2

Exposition = Love story develops between two characters boyfriend and girlfriend.

Inciting Moment = Male is seen to cheat on girlfriend.

Rising Action = Finding out whether the girlfriend will find out if he’s been cheating.

Turning Point = The boy finding out he’s been cheated on by the second girl and also his girlfriend become pregnant.

Falling Point = seeing the boy in a dilemma.

Resolution = Seeing the boy run away from his troubles.

Mood Board For Chavers

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at

Chavers are all about the big night out – drugs, booze, dancing and getting smashed with their mates!

With commercial EDM (Electronic Dance Music – think Calvin Harris) dominating the charts in recent years and festivals popping up in cities all over the UK and Europe; the Chavers are alive and one of the most familiar stereotypes of UK youth culture. A friendly, down to earth Tribe that will spend big on a holiday over everyday essentials, the Chavers (especially the live-for-the-weekend students compared to the music-junkies) are much more welcoming than the name suggests. However be warned – drug use rates in the UK have halved for 16-25s in the last decade, so the Chavers of today aren’t going as hard as they used to! Audience is 16-25, most of them still teenagers. they love to party, clubbing, drink, attend festivals and there like EDM. They wear mostly street clothes and branded designer sports wear and also may wear shiny jewellery. They like listening to Calvin Harrison and are some what exposed to drugs. They like to eat fast food mostly and would like to watch videos of there interest that would have things like club scene, dancing, storyline and some sort of sexual content.


Mood board

Above is my mood board that describes what brands are (chavers) my audience is likely to wear, i have also added some of the food chains which i my opinion are going to be popular among my target audience. The artists i have added onto the mood board are likely to be favourite of my audience.

Placing The Logos

At the start of my music video i plan to put the artist logo and the title go the song as this would prepare the audience with there expectations and they would get an idea if they have seen other videos of Calvin Harris. At the end of the video i plan to put the logo for the production company called “Bombeat Productions” as i have designed bellow also.

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at


Calvin Harris Logo

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at

This is my designed logo for Calvin Harris, i have made it as i didn’t like his previous logos because of there square shape and i thought i could make a better one for him. The logo is a little bit inspired by his previous logos tho, in his previous logos the alphabet “A” ha been a triangular shape but i have kept the alphabet the same and out a triangle. In my opinion this logo looks very good as i have tried to relate to what Calvin Harris like.