Statement of Intent

The concept of my music video showing love that cannot stay together and also sowing different races and nationalities showing love and respect to each other. In my music video i will uses different camera movements such as the birds eye view which is typically used in music videos to show the crowd, also the camera movements such as pan, tilt,dolly and zoom. From mise un scene i will be using props and make to help match the genre and also to make the artist look similar and relate them to the lyrics by the makeup, costume and the lighting to set the mood. I will use bright colours when the couple is together and when they are seprated then  there will be dull colours and in the shots with nationalities i will use lots off colours which are bright and also use flags to show the nationalities and the love. This video is going to be an inspirational video for the audience as its based on love and internationalism as well as relations with people  and the audience will be from 16-25 years of age and will be educated class. In my videos the performers would be performing as groups and a bunch off teenagers as well as individuals will also have shots in the video. As the audience is off similar age so they may be able to relate to some of the acts.


point 11

i have sent an email to the copy righter and there is what i have sent.

20 Fulham Broadway



United Kingdom

Dear copyright holder,

I am A-level Media student and I am writing to request your permission to use your track “ We Found Love” by Rihanna.

With your permission I would like to use this tack for my A-level  Media project which is to create a Music video in the dance genre music. The track is to be from Universal Music Group.

I would be grateful if you can give me permission as this video is going to be used only for educational context and viewed only by our media class, teachers, and the exam board moderator. It won’t be seen by a very large audience, and no profit will be made.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Samid Noon

point 10

For My video i have considered what costumes and props are to be used. costume can change the complete idea of how a character looks so its vital to select the right costume so it meets the storyline and the genre. I am also considering the lighting as it improves the look and there are alot of ways lighting can be used. in my video i will also be adding lip singing as it makes the video look more genuine. Natural light is amazing as it is free and different time of day can give good enough looks.

Pictures to be added.

point 9

one of my favourite past videos from Rihanna is ” This is what you came for” and it has been a joint song and music video with Calvin Harris, this track is of dance genre. The video starts with and electronic distrupted screen and the setting is in dessert, showing a box type of room in the middle of no where and also in some shots a hut in the forrest, latter the inside of the hut is shown which is just a room with walls and colours projected to it as the colours change it gives and electronic modern day music look. The huts in middle of  nowhere and in the forrest makes the viewer relate to the lyrics of the track. One of the main Parts from Mise en scene is the lighting which as given amazing dance genre video looks. one of the props was the car and this also relates to the lyrics as the lyrics say “This is what you came for” and i believe the car represents the way the journey would have been in a luxury expensive car.

My second videos was by David Guetta and Rihanna which is “Who’s that chick” This video is bright and colourful with lots camera effects. the video starts with a CD playing which is a very common thing to show in dance music specifially. the video also shows televisions of odd bright colours which give the video an overall look of the 1970’s. lighting has also played a big role in making the video bright. The camera has mostly been moving or new shots have been changing dramaticly which kept the audience busy. The props have given the characters a funky look which also is one of the stereotypes of dance videos.

My third video is is Beautiful people and this video is from Sia, David Guetta and Rihanna and all these artists have great  pecises of work of dance genre. The video shows a gang of people with there faces semi covered, and also women with the wigs of white and black clour and i believe that this related to the lyrics and shows regards less of what colour if your are good them you are beautiful and the wig is also to represent the artist Sia. Shots are also added from raves.